Persian Dance Book & Audio CD for Purchase

Persian Dance Book & Audio CD for Purchase

“Unveiling The Secrets of Persian Dance” book offers a unique look at the journey of Persian dance throughout the many periods of the Persian Empire – a seldom revealed path filled with struggles as well as the persistence and strength necessary to carry on and overcome all obstacles. This book consists of three main parts that provide a plethora of insights, knowledge, and teachings for anyone who has an interest in learning Persian dance. Through this book, you will learn about the history behind the birth of Persian dance, the relevant terminology and descriptions of musical elements that go hand-in-hand with the dance itself, and the technique and movements of Persian dance.

Author Nazanin Badiei, a professional choreographer, teacher, and performer of Persian dance with over 25 years of experience, carries extensive knowledge of the many different facets of this often misunderstood art form, and thus she bares her heart and soul in this written work. Not only will you attain an unparalleled view of this art form, but you will also be an invaluable part of her passionate mission to garner more understanding, appreciation, and widespread preservation of Persian dance for many, many generations to come.

This book can be accompanied with a downloadable audio CD, called “Ear Training for Persian Dance Learners”. The CD contains sixteen educational audio tracks that focus on two fundamental and practical rhythms for Persian Dance (6/8 as an example of a compound rhythm and 2/4 as an example of a simple rhythm) followed by four beautiful master pieces of Classical Persian music. Through these tracks, listeners will be guided systematically to feel and comprehend the structural elements of a musical piece such as rhythm, beats, musical phrases, and melody. It also helps them to become familiar with commonly used rhythmic patterns of simple and compound rhythms.

The bundle of Persian Dance book & audio CD is a complete educational package for Persian dancers with any background and level of knowledge.

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