Nazanin badiei

Dancetitute phone: 818-593-9980

Rules and Conditions:

At the time of registration everyone will be asked to sign a contract that states you have read and agreed to the terms and policies of Dancetitute Academy.

General Rules:

1- Students should arrive 5 minutes before class starts.
2- Students will not be allowed to run in the studio area. No chewing gum or eating food will be permitted. No jewelry is allowed.
3- Parents will be asked to wait outside of class to not disrupt other students. However parents are welcomed to enter the last five minutes of class.
4- Please pay attention that a regular attendance is very important to the progress of a dancer.
5- Missed sessions are not refundable; however make up sessions may be considered in case of absence.
6- Students will not be charged for classes cancelled by the Studio.

Payments and Refunds:

1- Classes are divided into cycles of 4 sessions; On the 4th session of each cycle you are responsible to pay for the next cycle. Passing that time a late payment fee may be applied.
2- The fee for Adult classes is $80 for 4 sessions.
3- The fee for Kids Classes is $60 for 4 sessions.
4- Private classes are $60 per session or $275 if paid in advance for a package of 5 sessions.
5- Only 1 absence out of 10 sessions is acceptable and refundable, students are responsible and charged for every missed sessions beyond that.

Dress Code:

1- Dress Code is strictly enforced. Dance shoes are required to be worn in all classes. (Dance shoes are available to purchase in studio as a customer convenience. Please be aware that shoe sizes are not comparable with street shoe size).
2- All hair should be pulled off the face. Dancetitute is not responsible for any item lost, damaged or stolen as well as any injury that may occur on the premises.