Nazanin badiei

Dancetitute phone: 818-593-9980


Nazanin Badiei was born and raised in Iran, started learning Classical Persian dance at the tender age of seven. She continued learning various Persian and Folklore dances, such as the Azari, Bojnordi, Kordi and Ghasem Abadi. Later on fascinated by Western Classical music, she began learning original Classical Ballet at her thirteen. She gradually grew in popularity after becoming a member of a renowned group of Persian dancers. During the 1990's, she had over 20 performances in the most famous hall in Iran. In her mid twenties, she came up with the idea of fusing classical ballet with Persian dance. As a result, she started choreographing her own pieces and performing them in many occasions.

After she moved to Los Angeles, she decided to further her formal education of Dance Choreography; therefore she began studying at Santa Monica College.

She has been a professional Persian dance teacher for over ten years. She has been teaching both traditional and social Persian dancing to all age groups. Being a professional dancer as well as a teacher has been an incredibly rewarding experience for her. "I share my passion with every one of my dancers; I show them not only how to move, but how to connect with the music and the culture. I am able to have fun with all of my students and teach them accordingly to how they learn best. I teach to not only share my passion of dance and culture with others, but to motivate and inspire them in and out of the dance studio.", she says. Along the way, she’s gathered some of the most talented and passionate people with strong backgrounds in dance to form the Baran, an exclusive, professional dance group. This group mainly performs with well-known Persian musicians in their concerts.